UConn Pre-College Summer Chemistry

Sessions Offered: Session 1 and Session 2

Pre-College Summer Chemistry provides a strong emphasis on hands-on laboratory experiments and interaction with experienced faculty. Participants will get a feel for making new compounds and see bench-top wet chemistry and advanced chemical instrumentation first-hand. Interactive discussion will provide the required background knowledge and will further summarize and assess in-lab experiences. This 1-week course will explore the areas of chemistry that touch on daily life:

  1. Synthetic food additives
  2. Drugs (aspirin)
  3. Colors (dyes) in paints
  4. Solar energy
  5. Batteries

Students will have the opportunity to view and interact with a number of demonstrations and experiments.

All safety equipment necessary for being in our state-of-the-art teaching laboratories (gloves, goggles and lab coats) will be provided.  Due to chemistry laboratory safety regulations, students will be required to wear long pants and closed toed shoes during the entire chemistry course (the chemistry building is air conditioned).

Faculty: Clyde Cady, PhD, Assistant Professor in Residence, University of Connecticut, Chemistry Department

Lab Fee: $35.00