Note to Parents

Dear parents and families,

I invite you and your child to be a part of UConn’s Pre-College Summer (PCS) for high school students. This academically serious, yet experiential platform allows students to explore academic disciplines and learn about college life while forming lasting peer relationships, all on a nationally ranked public university campus.  I understand that for most of you our program is a sort of a “road test” to gain a better understanding of how the transition to college will feel and look.  While this is exciting, it can also be a time of anxiousness and worry, and I myself as a parent, can empathize with that.  I have taken careful time and devoted attention to be able to share with you how your child will be supported during their time with UConn PCS in my notes below.

The main goal of UConn PCS is to support your high school student as they begin to transition into post-high school years.  We provide the opportunity for your child to experience a rigorous and rewarding educational experience through our courses, taught by University of Connecticut professors, doctoral candidates, or industry experts. This sort of experience is unique to the pre-college summer program, and provides your child a wonderful opportunity to network with professionals during and following the program. Our instructors are happy to share their expertise in their academic area of focus, as well as talk about college life and transitioning to college, with UConn PCS students.

UConn PCS is also an opportunity for students to explore their interests and learn more about themselves and their place in this big world. It is amazing to see the growth and independence of high school students that come through our program, even in just a week’s time. Rest assured, our program is equipped with mechanisms to support your student’s safety as well as their emotional and social development. In addition to having a staff of student leaders dedicated to your student's success and well being, all of our staff member have undergone a series of trainings including a SafeZone training by UConn’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion and a 'Behind Closed Doors' training which features situations that our staff may encounter in leadership roles when supervising students. Our team also includes 6 dedicated professional staff members that come from both student services and academic affairs whom are readily available to students throughout the summer. All professional and residential staff, as well as course instructors complete and pass a thorough background check coordinated by the Office of Minor Protection. 

Here at UConn PCS, we pride ourselves on safety. Our program works directly with the UConn Division of Public Safety, which includes Emergency Management, UConn Police and Fire departments, emergency medical services, as well as the Office of Minor Protection, so that we are able to handle any circumstances that may arise concerning your child or our program. Students will not always see these structures in place to ensure their safety, but it is important that you as a parent understand that your child is in a supportive environment that allows them to feel a greater sense of freedom in a college setting while still remaining safe on campus.

I urge you to learn more about this beneficial opportunity by perusing our website and I welcome further discussion concerning how this program can be an important part of a planned approach to success after high school. Please feel free to contact my dedicated and supportive team at 860-486-0149 or


Nella Quasnitschka, on behalf of the UConn PCS team
Director, UConn Pre-College Summer
Office of Early College Programs
University of Connecticut

Choosing a summer program for your child can be difficult. Check out what parents had to say about our program below:

"Our daughter absolutely raved about the program, the campus, the food and most of all the faculty she met while at PCS! Her experience has given her incredible insight to making UConn her top choice for her college experience."

- Parent of a Pre-Vet student


"My daughter loved the experience. The course was of great interest to her. She was paired with a compatible and equally enthusiastic roommate. The campus is lovely with the feel of the countryside surrounding a bustling college community."

- Parent of a History: Renaissance student

"This program was exceptional. It was exactly what my son needed. The program gave him the opportunity to experience his potential major as well as exposed him to college life. He loved the experience in the classroom, professors, labs, activities, and student life. I believe he made several lifelong friendships also. Exceptional experience!!!"

- Parent of a Pre-Med: Human Pathology student


"Our daughter thoroughly enjoyed the marine biology program. She had some initial issues with anxiety and home sickness but the staff and RMs were very helpful to her and it all worked out nicely."

- Parent of a Marine Biology and Oceanography student