Explore Your Interests!

A series of exploratory workshops are provided to all Pre-College Summer students regardless of chosen course. These workshops allow students from different classes to come together in several workshops that represent a broad range of academic fields and diverse activities, intended to help students prepare for college both academically and socially. Students will have the option to select which workshops they would like to participate in.

Workshop attendance is mandatory for all students. Offerings may vary by session.  

When will I register for workshops?

Registration for workshops for the 2024 program is now open. Navigate to this page and explore our workshops offerings.

What types of workshops are offered?

The following are just a few examples of the many engaging workshops we have done in past summers:

  • How Major is Your Major?
  • Making the Most Out of Your College Tours
  • Who Am I? The Power of Me
  • Leading the Way to Getting an A
  • Nutrition for the College Student
  • Getting Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
  • Teambuilding and communication

How many workshops will I participate in during my session?

Students are expected to participate in workshops on the Monday and Wednesday of their session(s) in addition to Friday afternoon activities.  Students will attend a total of four workshops (may vary) during each session they are enrolled in. See the daily schedule for days and times.