Application Instructions

Thank you for considering UConn Pre-College Summer (PCS) for your summer plans. Before you start the online application, take a moment to review the  eligibility guidelines,  dates and deadlines, decisions information,  and more to ensure you understand the program requirements and you are ready to complete the application.

Requested information and supporting materials must be completed online on the UConn PCS application to be reviewed for admission. Applications are not considered complete until all of the requirements listed below have been met. Please make sure you regularly check your email for correspondence from us as we may request additional materials or information from you to determine a decision.

Please note this information regarding course seats: applications are reviewed and accepted on a rolling basis as they are submitted. This may mean that while the course you are applying to is available now, it may be full by the time the application has been processed and can proceed to the enrollment step. The course registration is only guaranteed once an admitted student completes the Course Enrollment form with a submission of the $300 non-refundable enrollment deposit.

Step 1: Create an Account

To start an application, you will need to create an account under “First Time Users”. You will receive an email with information on how to activate your account and a temporary pin to complete your activation. Please note:

  • The student’s legal name should be used when creating the account (not the parent/guardian)
  • Provide an email address that is checked regularly. We recommend not using a school provided email address as they may block correspondence not recognized by your school

RETURNING STUDENTS: You may use the credentials you previously created. Log in under “Returning Students”. If you no longer remember your password, you may reset it.

Applicant Type Information

On the Start Page of the application, you will be asked what type of applicant you are from these options: New Participant, Returning Participant, and *Partnership Participant.

*A Partnership Participant is considered a student coming from a school, program, or organization that has an agreement to send selected students to the program. As a Partnership Participant, you should have an application fee waiver to submit your application at no cost. Please contact your organization/program you are joining us from, for the waiver code information.

Human Rights Close to Home (HRCH) interest applicants: See program information and application instructions here.

Step 2: Complete Application

With your account created, you may click on “start a new application” (applicable for both first-time and returning students) to begin the process.

The online application will require the following:

  1. Online Application: You still start off by selecting if you are a New Participant, a Returning Participant, or a Partnership Participant. The application will include questions about student’s personal background, academic history, parent/guardian and emergency contact information, and additional questions about NetID access. You will also be able to opt in to be considered for the LTE Access Initiative or apply to available course specific scholarships.
  2. Course Selection & Essay Questions: Students can take up to five non-credit courses, with one course in each session. Applicants will select the course(s) of choice and answer two essay questions. The answers are meant to help the admission committee better understand you, your commitment, and interest in UConn PCS. We recommend completing the essay answers in a separate document where you can later paste the answers into the text boxes that will be provided. This will prevent the system from timing you out and losing your work. Answer each question in 250-300 words.
    1. For New Participants and Partnership Participants:
      1. Essay 1: What do you want out of your future college experience and how will attending a Pre-College Summer Program help you prepare for this experience? In your response, please include the course(s) you are interested in and how that influenced your decision to apply to UConn PCS
      2. Essay 2: UConn PCS is a serious academic experience committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for mature high-school students. Tell us about an experience in which you behaved in a socially mature way to help someone else or to help solve a problem. What personal skills helped you manage the situation?
    2. For Returning Participants:
      1. Essay 1: Our goal is to help students prepare for a future college experience. What led you to reapply to UConn Pre-College Summer? In your response, please include the course(s) you have selected and how that influenced your decision to want to join UConn PCS again.
      2. Tell us about an experience, accomplishment, or challenge that you went through during your previous time at UConn PCS. In what ways do you hope to continue your personal growth by participating another summer with UConn PCS?
    3. For Human Rights Participants:
      1. You will have specific essay length questions pertaining to the program you are associated with. The questions are provided on the online application.
    4. For Young Scholars Senior Summit Participants:
      1. Essay 1: How will each of your mentorship site choices will assist you in reaching your future goals? Your answers will assist the YSSS staff with site placements and may be shared with your mentor prior to your arrival as a way to get to know you. Goals refer to intentions we create for ourselves. Write about a goal and how your participation in YSSS through UConn Pre-College Summer program can contribute to reaching this goal. What have you done recently to move closer to accomplishing your goal? How do you think that participating in all 3 of your selected mentorship sites will further your goal?
      2. Essay 2: UConn PCS is a serious academic experience committed to providing a safe and supportive learning environment for mature high-school students. Tell us about an experience in which you behaved in a socially mature way to help someone else or to help solve a problem. What personal skills helped you manage the situation?
  3. Academic Transcript or Grade Report: Applicants are required to submit grade records for all secondary school work completed, including current coursework. Acceptable documents include unofficial transcripts, report cards, or progress reports. The document must include your full legal name.
    1. Human Rights participants will not be required to submit a transcript or grade report.
  4. References: The contact information (name, position, phone number, and email address) of one reference we may contact in the case that more information is needed. Your reference may include a school counselor, teacher, supervisor, or coach.
  5. Application Fee: Applicants are required to pay a non-refundable $50 application fee. After submitting the application, the system will redirect applicable students to TouchNet, the third-party payment provider, where a secure payment can be made. If financial assistance is needed for the application fee, please contact to discuss your options.

All Partnership Participants do not submit payments. Cost of attendance for Partnership Participants is taken care of by the sending Partner. Participants specifically from HRCH and YSSS may have specific program and essay questions on the application.

Please note: Once you complete and submit an application, you will not be able to access the application again for any edits or changes. Contact us at for any questions.