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Learn how to report news stories with words, photos, graphics, audio, video and social media

Multimedia Journalism will introduce students to news reporting, interviewing and storytelling skills for print, broadcast and digital news outlets. Students will learn how to interview people, uncover news, separate fact from fiction, and engage a digital audience in a rapidly changing online environment. Veteran journalists who are experts in the fields of reporting, writing, audio, visuals, and audience engagement will lead students in training workshops to help them develop effective writing, research, and photography skills, and expose them to best practices for data visualizations and social media. Students also will visit a television news station to get a behind-the-scenes look into a daily newscast and meet UConn Journalism alumni working in the field. It will be an exciting introduction to nonfiction storytelling and the chance to learn techniques useful not only in the journalism field, but are must-haves in public relations, marketing and communications.

Students from diverse economic and racial backgrounds will learn about current events, the role of the news media, news judgement and journalism ethics. They will be introduced to nonfiction storytelling and give tools to sharpen their writing, research, and critical-thinking skills. Effective writing is the foundation of communication, and this course will help students communicate more effectively and clearly in their written work in the classroom and/or workplace. Journalism skills are necessary not only for reporters and editors but for those seeking to go into communications, public relations and marketing fields. Students will also gain experience using multimedia tools to gather and report news for publication on various platforms.

UConn Pre-College Summer: Multimedia Journalism

SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITY: Through a generous donation from supporters of the non-profit Connecticut Health Investigative Team, the UConn Department of Journalism and UConn PCS will provide eligible students with a full scholarship which will enable students to participate in the Multimedia Journalism course at no cost. Please visit the Scholarships & External Funding page for details on eligibility and more.

Sessions Offered

Session 3: July 7 – July 13


Residential, Non-Credit

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This class is meant to be immersive and students will experience:

  • What is news and how you can find it.
  • How a reporter can best present a nonfiction story.
  • Multimedia:
    • Photography: Tools and tricks for creating a well-composed photo
    • Audio and Video: Best practices & editing techniques
    • Data Visualization: How to turn numbers into an understandable graphic
    • Social media
  • Field trip to a television news station in the Hartford area
  • Ethics in a “citizen journalist” world

UConn Pre-College Summer: Multimedia Journalism

UConn Pre-College Summer: Multimedia Journalism

UConn Pre-College Summer: Multimedia Journalism

Schedule at a Glance


7am – 9am: Breakfast

9am – 12pm: Class

12pm – 1:30: Lunch

1:30pm – 4pm: Class or Workshop*

2:40pm – 4:45pm: Closing Ceremony on Friday

5pm – 7pm: Dinner

7pm – 9pm: Social Programming

10:30pm: Room Checks

*The class will be taking a trip during the session. More details to be determined and will be updated once finalized.

Meet the Professor


UConn Pre-College Summer: Julie Serkosky Multimedia Journalism FacultyJulie Serkosky is a reporter, editor and professor whose experience in the journalism field spans three decades. She specializes in political and community reporting and digital techniques and has taught UConn courses on ethics, journalism history, entrepreneurial journalism, editing, online journalism and business reporting.