Apply for UConn’s Pre-College Summer Program

Before Applying

Before you apply for Pre-College Summer (PCS), run through the checklist to be sure you understand the program:

  • Do you know what Pre-College Summer is all about? Read our Mission and Vision for an in-depth look at what we focus on.
  • Take a look at course descriptions. Think about the activities and course content and how they may relate to your learning style. Courses that are full will be indicated on this page.
  • Be sure you understand the typical PCS schedule. You will be in class about 19 hours per week unless otherwise noted on the course description page. Additionally, you will also be expected and encouraged to attend exploratory workshops, nightly activities, and other fun programming events.
  • Think about this serious opportunity. Make sure you are a motivated student who can demonstrate the ability and desire to contribute positively and benefit from  exploring college academics and experience life as a college student.
    • Parents/guardians are also encouraged to think about this opportunity for their child. We look for motivated and passionate students who want to be here.
  • Take a moment to look over the PCS program policies as well as the residential life policy.
  • Read through the FAQ section or Note to Parents for any answers to questions you may have.


Additional Points to Consider

  • Applications will not be accepted/reviewed until all materials are received and the application fee has been paid.
  • Applicants may be requested to provide additional materials. These may include additional transcripts, essays, or teacher recommendation.
  • Acceptance into UConn Pre-College Summer does not guarantee you a spot in a specific course.
  • Courses may be cancelled at any time due to unforeseen circumstances.