Fine Arts and Digital Media Courses

2019 Course Schedule ⇒

Animation: Stop Motion

Professor John O'Donnell 

Digital Media: Game Design

Professor Ken Thompson


Professor Janet Pritchard

Creative Writing

Jason Courtmanche, Ph.D

Digital Media: Web Design

Professor Brian Daley


Professor Kathryn Myers

Digital Animation & Motion Graphics

Professor Heejoo G. Kim

Dramatic Arts: Theatre

Professor Helene Kvale

Digital Media: Intro to Programming

Professor Michael Vertefeuille

Professors Earl MacDonald and John Mastroianni

Social Sciences Courses

2019 Course Schedule ⇒

History: Renaissance

Kenneth Gouwens, Ph.D


Kimberly Bergendahl, Ph.D

Sociology: Human Behavior

Matthew W. Hughey, Ph.D

Sociology: Social Justice

Mark Kohan, Ph.D and Professor Justis Lopez

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Courses

2019 Course Schedule ⇒

Biomedical Engineering

Patrick Kumavor, Ph.D

Makerspace: Intro to Arduino

Professor Cody Ryan


Clyde Cady, Ph.D and J. Dafhne Aguirre, Ph.D

Marine Biology & Oceanography

Claudia Koerting, Ph.D

Data Science

Cuong Do, Ph.D, and Tingting Huan, Ph.D


Laura Thompson, Ph.D, Maureen Driscoll, Ph.D, and Mystic Aquarium Animal Care & Veterinary Services Team

Global Engineering

Jennifer Terni, Ph.D

STEM: Health Science Courses

2019 Course Schedule ⇒

Yangchao Luo, PhD

Christopher Blesso, Ph.D

Pharmacy: Explore the Field

Jill Fitzgerald, PharmD, Andrea Hubbard, PhD, & Robin Bogner, PhD

Pharmacy: Medical Chemistry & Drug Discovery

Kyle Hadden, Ph.D

Pre-Med: Exploring the Field

Momina Salman, MD, Jin Kim, MD, and Shobhana Pathani, MD

Pre-Med: Medical Anthropology & Global Health

Professor Anne Kohler

Pre-Med: Psychology & Neuroscience

Etan Markus, Ph.D

sports medicine

Korey Stringer Institute