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Pre-College Summer Office
Nella Quasnitschka
Program Director

Phone: 860-486-5581

Joe Fisher
Graduate Assistant

Phone: 860-486-0149

Student Feedback
Name: Makaila Cerrone, StudentĀ 

I benefited from the Pre-College Summer at UConn Program because I never really knew I had an interest in Sociology. I was always so focused on law and politics and that was the career path that had always been set for me. Coming to UConn and studying Sociology for a week made me realize I have other interests and career options besides law and politics. It made me realize that starting off college undecided is not a bad idea and I do not have to be so stuck on one path or major.
I believe the program was so successful because the small classroom size and opportunity to really talk and connect with the professor is not something you usually find at a big school. Being able to have this personal attention allowed us to go really in depth on our subjects and made me realize a love I had for sociology that I never would have known about.
I would encourage other students to join this program for a few reasons. First, like I have mentioned, they may find out they love a subject and want to further study a subject that they never would have thought of pursuing before. Second, the people I met. The RA’s (Residential Assistants) were really great and I am happy I got to spend a week getting to know such an interesting diverse group of UConn students. Lastly, I did learn about college more than just what collegeboard.org or a schools website will tell me. I got advice, tips, and pointers from current UConn students who helped me realize that UConn is the right school for me.

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