Student Feedback

Name: Keeshawn L.

From: West Hartford, CT

I chose to participate in UConn’s Pre-College program in order to get a better feel of campus life at Storrs.

I needed assistance with my creative writing and UConn is my first choice for colleges, so I decided that that attending the program at UConn would be the perfect fit for me.

Our days began with us first having breakfast at 7:30am, classes began about two hours later. There was lunch at noon, we could also do unstructured activities during that time. Workshops were normally in the afternoons, we also had downtime then. Dinner was served at 5pm, then there was more downtime. We had to go to our rooms by 10:30pm.

The most memorable moment of my summer at UConn was the dance night! We all went out of our comfort zone to dance, even students who were usually quiet. Some people even sang.

I believe that it would be extremely beneficial to attend one of the sessions at UConn’s Pre-College Summer program. The sessions are informative, the atmosphere is great and you do forge friendships that last a lifetime.  I recently met up with a couple of students that attended the program and we are in frequent communication with each other.

Not to mention the amazing food that is provided in ABUDANCE!!