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Program Director

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Graduate Assistant

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Student Feedback

Name: Juliana (Jou Jou) Zabrecky
From: Ridgefield, CT
Honestly my parents are the ones that wanted me to go. I wasn’t sure about all of it because I hated leaving for a week in the middle of summer just to go back to school but it was such a great opportunity to get into UConn and be able to live on a campus and see myself going away in less than a year. It was a great help to know what I did want on a campus, what I didn’t, experience living with someone, and even my major for the year following.
I’m very in between majors and I’m leaning towards basically everything from psychology to marine biology. I decided on Marine Biology during my visit to Uconn because my senior year of high school I signed up for oceanography and thought having some background knowledge would be helpful in the long run. I didn’t just take it for school, I absolutely love wildlife especially in the ocean because there is so much we don’t know about it so it was an easy pick for me.
Definitely one of the days when we went down to the ocean and were collecting rocks, seaweed, and seeing little crabs run all around us. It was honestly one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. That one moment with all my friends, waves crashing, and sun beating down on us I felt like I was truly at home with my family. It was perfect.
I suggest definitely picking a major that you might be interested going into even if you are not one hundred percent sure because I would never have even thought of marine bio until I saw how great the program was and professors, and the trips are to die for. Just pick something that you are the most excited about. Don’t let anyone else tell you what you should do, let this be your choice.

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