Student Feedback

Name: Jada R.

From: Meriden, CT

I chose to participate in UConn Pre-College Summer program because I want my future to be at UConn and I believed it would be a great experience for me to attend and as I thought, it was! When applying to colleges I feel as if the experience of going there to study what will hopefully be my major in college gives me a great pre-college experience. I now have an idea of what I will be walking into and a better understanding of what I need to know about going into college, and I feel more comfortable and confident.

I decided that UConn’s Pre-College Summer program was the right program for me because as I looked into the program, I realized that they had a fantastic Neuroscience program and that’s something I would love to study once I go to college because not a lot of colleges offer that as a minor, so I wanted to take advantage of being able to go there and study it with a professor whose career is teaching it.

A typical day at UConn’s Pre College Summer Program was waking up and going to get breakfast, then going to class with all my new friends, then you were able to go to different workshops that you were interested in as long as you signed up for them. You had a break between your classes though- lunch in between. They also offered different things to do at the suites, such as: tie-dying shirts, face-masks, stress ball making, game room, a spoon game that involved everyone, and so much more- you could never be bored. But these were all optional, besides your class, you had freedom; you were responsible for yourself, they treat you as an adult.
The advice I have for teens looking at UConn Pre-College Summer program is GO! If I had the opportunity to go back and stay there I would take it because the person I was when I first walked in there was a completely different person than when I left. Leaving the program I was comfortable with the thought of college, less scared, and I had no doubts with what I wanted to do with my life. The experience was indescribable and I am incredibly thankful to have attended! One last piece of advice I have is step out of your comfort zone- you are with all new people in a whole new environment, so create the image you want for yourself, and be who you truly are. People will love you no matter what!