Student Feedback

Name: Hannah P.

From: Southington, CT

I chose to participate in UConn’s Pre-College Summer (PCS) because I was interested in applying to UConn. It also would give me a feeling of what it was like at a large university and experience living on a campus. I had the opportunity to take a non-credit college class in a college setting without having to worry about grades. Participating in PCS let me experience everything that one of my close friends told me about UConn!

The whole week was very memorable for me! I had a great time and one of my most memorable moments was getting to meet a bunch of other students. My roommate and I became very close with two of the students from Puerto Rico. We pretty much did everything together over the week at PCS. They taught us some Spanish and we taught them some sayings we have here. At the end of the week, we all did the talent show together and lip synched to High School Musical. The four of us formed an amazing bond and we still keep in touch with each other today.

UConn’s Pre-College Summer Program will give you an experience that will help you in your decisions for college. It allows you to see what campus life is like in a large university setting, what it feels like to live in a dorm and not be home, and how to make new friends who are coming from all over. It also gives you the opportunity to explore career interests. PCS gave me an opportunity to go out of my comfort zone and try new and exciting things.