Student Feedback

Name: Chris M.

From: Connecticut
Academic Areas: Creative Writing, Sports Medicine Attended program as a Rising Senior

This was the best experience in my entire life. Being at the greatest college in the country, the University of Connecticut, was amazing to begin with but the people who run this program and the RAs who worked the program are truly what made it such a life changing experience. The RAs were some of the greatest people I've met. They were open to helping each and every kid learn more about the college life and offer advice on what it takes to succeed in college and they really gave you a good understanding of what college was like. Everyone within the program always had the students in mind before anything else. I can't thank them enough for all they helped me with. No one could have represented UConn in any better way than the RAs, Hall directors, and program directors.   The professors I had were great. UConn is the best college out there, and going into the program makes you realize how amazing UConn really is. Each day I was grateful to be there and experience what the campus had to offer. I have made friendships that will last a life time and I wish I stayed all 4 weeks. Thank you UConn Pre-College Summer program.