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Pre-College Summer Office
Nella Quasnitschka
Program Director

Phone: 860-486-5581

Joe Fisher
Graduate Assistant

Phone: 860-486-0149

Student Feedback
Name: Alex S.
I really enjoyed my stay for a week on the UConn campus. I feel like I have definitely benefited from this experience by getting a better sense of what college life would be like. 
The Pre-College Summer at UConn was successful because it allowed us, the students, to choose what course of study we wanted to take. I feel by taking the Statistics class, I have learned a lot more about the subject, have a much clearer understanding of career choices, and now I am even more interested in further learning about statistics. 
All the activities after the classes were amazing as well. The schedule for the week allowed us to really get a closer look at what college would be like, especially if we chose to attend UConn. Walking around the UConn campus and going into town to local places allowed me to get a good sense of the community. The RA’s (Residential Assistants) especially helped us feel more comfortable, always willing to answer any of our questions. They really encouraged us to see the sights and sounds of the campus, and without them I feel as if I would not have had the same experience.
To other students who are thinking about signing up for the Pre-college Summer at UConn next year, it was a great learning experience that I will always remember, and I am sure it will be the same for you. 

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