Costs, Fees & Discounts

Summer 2021 Enrollment Costs

Program costs and fees are determined by the number of courses a student enrolls in (one, two, three, or four courses). Courses are split evenly between two, three-week sessions. Your enrollment cost for one, three week session includes your selected academic course*, taught by UConn faculty or experts in their industry, exploratory workshops, program/course materials, and social events/activities.

*Additional Course Fees: Some courses require an additional fee to cover the added cost of supply kits or lab materials. For specific course fee information, visit the course's information page. If the course(s) you select includes an additional fee, the fee will be listed on the course information page and applied at time of enrollment.

Early Bird Cost
(Receive $100 discount when application is submitted by April 1, 2021)
Cost after April 1, 2021 Final Payment Due
Application - -
No Application Fee for Summer 2021
1 Course $1,200 $1,300
June 1, 2021
2 Courses $2,240 $2,340
June 1, 2021
3 Courses $3,150 $3,250
June 1, 2021
4 Courses
June 1, 2021
Course enrollment commitments completed after June 1, 2021 must be paid in full at the time of enrollment. For students that are enrolled in a course, your seat will not be guaranteed and may go to other applicants or waitlisted individuals, if balance is not paid in full by the due date.


Multiple Sessions: Students receive a discount on each additional course they enroll in after their first course. The price for one course is $1,300, for two courses a 10% off discount is applied ($2,340), for three courses a 20% off discount is applied ($3,250), and for four courses a 25% off discount is applied ($3,990).

Refund Policy

A $300.00 deposit is required to commit to the program. This deposit will be credited to your total balance and will be collected when students accept the offer of admission. Please read more on our refund policy below.

Date Range Refund
If cancelled by June 1, 2020 100% of program cost. This includes your price of enrollment, deposit*, and any course fees.
If cancelled between June 2 and June 14, 2020 50% of program cost. This includes your price of enrollment, deposit*, and any course fees.
If cancelled AFTER June 14, 2020 0%; There is no refund for cancellations after the program has begun unless a special circumstance exists. All refunds are granted at the discretion of program staff.
*If your plans change after you have committed to the program with a deposit, please contact the office with this information to discuss your options.