UConn PCS Credit Courses

In addition to non-credit courses, UConn Pre-College Summer (PCS) also allows students the opportunity to take a UConn course for credit. At this time, AH 2001: Medical Terminology is the only course available for two-credits during. By taking UConn courses through UConn PCS, students officially start their college career as a non-degree student. It is important that students understand this commitment and benefits when enrolling in a UConn credit course. 

UConn PCS Credit Course provides:

  • An introduction to college academics and rigor in a supportive setting
  • College credits that provide an academic head start on a college degree and other post-secondary opportunities
  • University resources, such as workshops and activities that will allow you to make connections
  • The opportunity to get a residential experience on the Storrs campus
  • Potential opportunities for UConn PCS Alumni to study abroad, double major, or gain internship experience in college, or even graduate early
  • UConn credits on an official UConn transcript, transferable to other institutions

Credit Course Policies

Academic Integrity

    UConn PCS Students must adhere to the academic integrity policy set by the University of Connecticut. This includes UConn policies that have been created for academic misconduct, plagiarism, misrepresentation, falsification in research, and computer violations. For a complete policy listing, please visit the Division of Student Affairs Community Standards website.


    Credit Course Policies

    Grading. UConn courses taken through UConn PCS reflect the University grading scheme. UConn final grades are issued on an A - F scale. The grade that a student earns will appear on their official UConn transcript, listed on the non-degree portion.

    Explanation Grade Grade Points Credits
    Excellent A






    Very Good B+ 3.3 Yes
    Good B









    Average C 2.0 Yes
    Fair C- 1.7 Yes
    Poor D+






    Merely Passing D- 0.7 Yes
    Failure F 0.0 No
    Incomplete I 0.0 No
    Withdrawal W 0.0 No
    • I (incomplete): A student has not completed all of the assessments due to extenuating circumstances, but work completed is of passing quality and a make-up schedule has been agreed upon with the faculty and UConn PCS Program Office.
    • W (Withdrawal) - A student is no longer physically sitting in the course, nor getting UConn credit. The W grade will appear on the official transcript and receive no refund.  
    • Course Drop: Students can drop from the course by July 21 by contacting the UConn PCS Program Office. A full refund will be issued for UConn Course Fees and PCS Program Fees. 


    Students are responsible for requesting their official UConn transcript to be sent to the college or university of their choice. A transcript is only sent per request of the Student. Detailed instructions on the transcript request process can be found on our Request a Transcript page.

    All UConn credits earned through courses taken through UConn PCS will appear on a student’s UConn transcript, on the non-degree portion. If a student plans to attend UConn, the student will need to meet with their UConn advisor to elect to move their UConn PCS credits to the degree portion of their academic record, or to reject them. Specific policies and deadlines in regards to transferring credits vary by school. Students must meet with their UConn advisor to make an educated decision on how to use the credits they have earned or visit Pending Class Rules at Non-Degree Decisions page for more information.

    UConn Course Fees and UConn PCS Program Fees

    By registering for a UConn course through UConn PCS, students have a financial obligation to the University of Connecticut and the Program. Students and Authorized Users (if applicable) are notified by e-mail when their e-bill is ready to be viewed (fee bills for summer course registrations at the University are generated in late March. For registrations taking place thereafter, your fee bill will generate within one week). The University offers a variety of payment options. Cash or payment over the phone are not accepted. Failure to receive an email bill notification does not absolve students of the responsibility of payment by the due date. University standard policies on late fees, returned checks, and collections will apply.

    The total cost for a UConn two-credit course through UConn PCS is $3,390. This total consists of UConn Course Fees and UConn PCS Program Fees. For a breakdown of the fees please see the table provided below:

    Fees Amount Payment Due Drop (full refund minus the non-refundable $65 enrollment fee and $300  program deposit) Payment Method 
    UConn Course Fees:

    This fee is calculated based on the university’s per credit tuition cost, a non-refundable enrollment fee, a technology fee, and student activity fee. 

    $1,457 June 10
    June 21
    Pay via Student Admin with netID and password. See payment instructions here: https://kb.uconn.edu/space/SAS/10769925286/Managing+Your+Billing+and+Payments 
    UConn PCS Program Fees:

    This fee is calculated based on room and board costs, program deposit, administrative functions, staff, faculty, workshops, materials, social programs, and maintenance of technology benefits.

    $1,933 June 10 June 21
    Pay via UConn PCS Program Student Portal
    Total Amount Due $3,390
    • Payment Policy: 
      • UConn Course Fees: Students can view and pay Course Fees by accessing their student account in the Student Administration System with their netID and password. 
      • UConn PCS Program Fees: Students can view and pay Program Fees by accessing the Status Portal
    • Late Fee Policy. A $150 late fee will be applied only to students who do not pay their UConn Course Fee bill for a course by June 26. 
      • Students who register after the UConn Course Fee payment date of June 10 will have 10 days from the date they enroll to submit their payment before the $150 late fee applies.
    • Returned Checks Policy. Checks returned by the bank for any reason will be removed from the account and late fees will apply. There is a $25 charge for any returned check.
    • Refund Policy: UConn Course fees and UConn PCS Program fees (minus non-refundable fees) will be refunded for students that formally drop the course by the posted drop deadline of June 21. Non-attendance in a course will not make you eligible for a refund, as you are fully responsible for contacting the UConn PCS Program Office to drop on time. Non-refundable fees for students that drop by June 21:
      • A $65.00 non-refundable UConn Course enrollment fee. 
      • A $300.00 non-refundable UConn PCS Program deposit is required to commit to the program at the time of course enrollment. This deposit will be credited to your UConn PCS Program Fee balance and will be collected when students accept the offer of admission.


    A NetID is a unique identifier (combination of letters and numbers) created by the University that allows access to University technology services. Your NetID is needed to access the Student Administration System (pay Course Fees bill, view grades, request a transcript), library resources, and HuskyCT. You will also use your NetID to set up your UConn e-mail account. UConn Information Technology Services (ITS) will send a NetID e-mail to your personal e-mail address and provide you with your NetID and instructions on how to activate and set a NetID password. Your NetID is your unique identifier, and should not be shared. Memorize your NetID and password! You will need this information to access most University online services. For help visit the NetID website.

    Student Administration System

      The University of Connecticut’s Student Administration System (SAS) manages UConn student records.

      In SAS you have access to:

      • View your course enrollment
      • Pay your course fee bill
      • View your course grade
      • Request your transcript
      • Assign a Delegate, such as a parent, for access to your educational records
      • Add an Authorized User, such as a parent, for payments

      To access SAS, you will use your NetID and password to log in.

      Most universities and colleges throughout North America use similar SA systems, so getting accustomed to using this to manage your records is a valuable college experience.


      Once a student is enrolled in University of Connecticut courses, they are considered a UConn Student and their education and financial records are protected by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). For purposes of compliance with FERPA, the University considers all students, regardless of age or tax dependency status, to be independent. To better understand how this law impacts you and your student, please visit the FERPA website.

      Even with the constraints of FERPA, UConn offers several options for parents to communicate with us on their student’s behalf. As a parent/guardian you may become a FERPA Designee, an Authorized User, and/or be granted Delegate Access.