Course Information

The information listed below may not be updated for the summer of 2021. These pages are for students to prepare for their courses after they enroll in the program.

Pre-College Summer Students should be prepared to get the most out of your academic experience. In preparation for the Summer, our Pre-College Summer faculty have prepared the following information to get you ready for the first day of class. If you are registered to take any of the following courses, please click the respective link below to access course information, schedules, procedures, readings, and/or further information.

Biomedical Engineering, Creative Writing, Digital Media: Intro to Programming, Food Science and Technology, Pre-Psych, and Short Video Production do not require additional items or any online trainings. Be sure to check out the Items to Bring page, for a list of items all students should pack for the summer.


*Designates that this course has been updated for the 2020 program.