2019 Course Schedule

The following table shows the list of courses offered in Summer 2019 by session.  

2019 Courses Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4
July 7 - July 13 July 14 - July 20 July 21 - July 27 July 28- Aug 3
Fine Arts and Digital Media Courses
Animation Studio X 6 seats left X X
Creative Writing X X OPEN X
Digital Animation & Motion Graphics X X 8 seats left X
Digital Media: Intro to Programming OPEN X X X
Digital Media: Game Design  X X OPEN OPEN
Digital Media: Web Design X OPEN X X
Dramatic Arts: Theatre OPEN X X X
Watercolor X X X OPEN
Social Science Courses
History: Renaissance X OPEN X X
Pre-Law X X OPEN X
Sociology: Human Behavior X OPEN X X
Sociology: Social Justice X X X OPEN
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Courses 
Biomedical Engineering 6 seats left X OPEN OPEN
Chemistry OPEN OPEN X X
Data Science OPEN X X X
Global Engineering X OPEN X X
Makerspace: Intro to Arduino X X OPEN X
Marine Biology and Oceanography X X OPEN X
Pre-Vet: Animal Health and Veterinary Science X OPEN X OPEN
   STEM:  Health Science Courses
Human Nutrition and Health OPEN X X X
Food Science and Technology X OPEN X X
Pharmacy: Explore the Field X X X OPEN
Pharmacy: Medicinal Chemistry & Drug Discovery X X 5 seats left X
Pre-Med: Explore the Medical Field 6 seats left 5 seats left 7 seats left OPEN
Pre-Med: Human Anatomy and Physiology OPEN
Pre-Med: Human Pathology (Injury and Trauma) OPEN  
Pre-Med: Medical Anthropology and Global Health OPEN X OPEN X
Pre-Psych: Psychology and Neuroscience X X X 4 seats left
Sports Medicine OPEN OPEN X X

X = course not offered during that session