Medical Care

UConn Health Urgent Care, other appropriately deemed medical services provide Program participants with appropriate medical and mental health services. These services may include providing medications for treatment of illnesses/injuries. Program staff will provide access to these services including arranging for emergency medical care, as needed.

In the case of a health or safety situation, UConn Health Urgent Care, and other medical services may disclose information about participant medical records (including treatment, payment, healthcare operations, etc.) to appropriate University personnel, parents/guardians, and/or listed emergency contacts.

An onsite nurse will not be present to administer medication to participants.  It is the participant’s responsibility to secure and self-administer any necessary prescribed medications. The Program will not provide any medication or over-the-counter drugs. Should medication require refrigeration, a mini-refrigerator equipped with a 3-prong plug and no more than 36’ in height may be brought to campus.

Proof of Insurance Coverage

All participants should be enrolled in health care insurance while attending the Program in the event of receiving medical services. For this reason, participants are required to carry a photo ID and health insurance card.

International Participants

International participants should confirm with their health plan provider that they will be covered internationally during their stay in the United States. If international participants are not covered, they will need to purchase coverage for the dates they will be attending the Program.