Living on Campus

Residence Hall Regulations

All Program participants will reside in UConn Residence Halls, and (“Residents”) must abide by all applicable regulations. Living on campus at the University of Connecticut is a privilege and is treated as such. Expectations of community living include but are not limited to sharing and negotiating the use of space with others, treating others with respect, communicating with roommates/suitemates as well as floor-mates, and cooperating with Program staff and policies.

All residents must accept responsibility for creating an environment that promotes individual growth and builds community through the safe, respectful exchange of diverse thought, opinion, and feeling.

Residents who violate any of these regulations may be subject to dismissal from the Program.  If dismissal is deemed necessary, participants will be sent home at the expense of their parents/legal guardian(s). No refunds will be issued.

Community Living Standards

All Residents are expected to be respectful and responsible members of the communities within UConn residence halls. Residents are expected to refrain from actions that prevent individuals from having a safe and respectful community living experience.

Health & Safety Standards

Any activity deemed to be a threat to the health and safety of participants is strictly prohibited. Basic health standards are expected to be upheld regarding sanitary conditions, hygiene, and appropriate use of bathrooms and common areas. It is expected that participants will keep kitchen areas, bathrooms, hallways, lounges and their assigned rooms clean. Cleaning services staff will not enter a room that is occupied by a minor, therefore Residents must keep their room clean and discard of any trash in the provided trash rooms located on their floor.

Health & Safety Inspections

UConn staff reserves the right to enter residence hall rooms without the consent of the occupant in order to provide for the general well-being and protections of the community, its members and property. Residential staff may conduct inspections to seek out and correct potentially dangerous situations before they cause damage or harm. If violations are observed in the case of an inspection, they may be reported.

Security Regulations

Safety and Security are a shared responsibility of Program staff and residents. Residents should always carry and never lend their Program conference card or room key. All residential areas are secured 24 hours a day. Residents should always lock their room doors. When exiting on-campus housing through locked exterior doors, residents are responsible for leaving the doors locked. Residents are prohibited from propping, tampering with and/or vandalizing doors.

Security Guests and Visitation

Program participants may only occupy the residence hall during their scheduled session and may not have guests or visitations of any kind, including former Program participants. Family members and authorized adults are prohibited from entering the residence halls, except during the scheduled Program’s check-in and check-out times.

Curfew Policy & Overnight Leave

Residents must be on their respective floors by 10:00PM and in their assigned rooms for the night by 10:30 PM. Participants’ University conference cards to the residence hall will be rendered inactive after 11:00PM. Overnight visits off-campus during the Program are prohibited.

Noise/Disorderly Conduct Policies

Residents must comply with requests to reduce excessive noise. At no time should any amplified sound be directed out of residents’ windows. Excessive noise, use of stereos, radios, or sound amplification equipment, rowdiness, hall sports, or other loud and disruptive actions in residence halls and around campus will not be tolerated.

Furniture Policy

Each residence hall room is furnished with UConn furnishings, which must remain in the residents’ rooms at all times. In addition, lounge and game room furnishings must remain in public areas and be respected at all times. Parents/guardians of residents may be held financially responsible for costs associated with replacing missing or damaged furniture, games, fixtures and/or removing unauthorized furniture or game pieces from their rooms, lounges, or game rooms.

Window Screen Policy

Window screens must remain on windows at all times.

Candle/Incense Policy

Candles, lit or unlit, are not permitted in resident rooms. Recreational use of candles is prohibited in all areas of the residence halls. Incense, lit or unlit, is not allowed in the residence halls for fire safety reasons.

Pet Policy

UConn prohibits pets in the residence halls.

Alcohol, Drugs, Firearms, etc.

Consumption, possession, distribution, or being in the presence of alcohol or illegal drugs is grounds for immediate dismissal, as is possession or use of drug paraphernalia, firearms, knives, other weapons, or fireworks.

Room Key and Conference Card Policy

All residence hall keys must be returned at the conclusion of the Program. There is a $110 fee for each lost room key and a $5 fee for each lost conference card.

Additional Questions

Any question of interpretation regarding policies included in this document shall be referred to the Director of Pre-College Summer for final determination. For additional information about University policies and codes, please see and visit to review The Student Code.