Course Information: Animation Studio


As a student enrolled in Animation Studio you will require the following:

  • Stop Motion Studio Pro Application
  • Basic Art Supplies
    • Color Pencils/Color Markers/Crayons
  • LED Light Table
  • (Suggested) Bluetooth Camera Remote
    • For preventing the phone from moving during the animation process. There are many model/brand options, here is the more affordable option. These are neat devises for a lot of other projects. The faculty uses it often for documentation of art work and many of college students do too.
      • Hole Punch
      • Eraser
      • White Cardstock paper
      • Black Cardstock paper
      • Mechanical Pencil
      • Story Board Pages
      • Looneng Animation Peg Bar, Comic Tools Ruler
      • Animation Paper
      • Tacky Glue
      • Blue Painters Tape
      • Excel Blades (Precision Cutting Tool)