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Oliver Wendell Holmes famously stated that “the life of the law has not been logic; it has been experience.”  In accordance with this observation, this one-week course is designed to provide participants with both academic and practical understandings of the law, legal education, and the operations of the American judicial system.  In this course, we cover:

  • Theories of the “law”
  • The U.S. Constitution
  • Legal education, including a visit to the UConn School of Law
  • The American criminal justice system, including a visit to a local courthouse and/or interactions with real-life judges and prosecutors
  • Civil justice, particularly torts
  • Appellate decision-making by way of a Moot Court simulation based on a highlighted case in constitutional law

Participants are expected to reflect upon each one of these experiences daily as well as prepare for the Moot Court simulation at the end of the week.  This course may be of particular interest to aspiring legal professionals as well as to those who have a curious interest in current legal issues.

Faculty: Kimberly Bergendahl, Assistant Professor in Residence, University of Connecticut, Department Political Science

Read More about Professor Bergendahl in this UConn Magazine article


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At a Glance:

Sessions Offered:

  • Session 3: July 21 - July 27

Location: UConn Storrs Campus

Supplemental Course Fee: $40.00

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