Program Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations apply to all participants. Failure to comply will lead to disciplinary action and potentially dismissal from the program. Participants (or their parents, guardians or other sponsors or supporters) who are dismissed from Pre-College Summer are not entitled to refunds of any kind from the Program.

Participants are expected to attend the academic course(s) for which they are enrolled, scheduled mandatory workshops, as well as social and recreational activities of their choosing. Participants are expected to be punctual and to participate in a respectful manner. If for any reason the participant is unable to attend or arrive on time to a course, workshop or activity, the participant must contact a staff member (in most cases, their assigned Resident Manager or a Hall Coordinator). Recurring tardiness or absenteeism will lead to notification of the parent/guardian, and may lead to dismissal from the Program.

The Program is an exploratory academic program for mature, self-motivated high-school students looking to gain a Pre-College Summer experience. Participants are responsible to get themselves up and ready in the morning, eat meals, attend all courses and workshops, and engage in activities. The ability of participants to follow Program and University rules, Federal, State and local laws, and to act independently in a supportive college setting is required.

Although participants will have contact information for Program residential staff members at all times while attending the Program, UConn PCS staff and/or faculty supervision is provided during the following scheduled activities: courses, workshops, social and recreational activities, field trips and meals. Following curfew in the residence hall, participants are under the general supervision of residential staff who address participants’ needs during their stay with the Program. During free time and social and recreational activities, participants may choose to engage in independent, small, or large group activities of their choosing.

Participants must show respect for the rights and safety of others in the community and must not engage in any form of harassment, hazing, intimidation or bullying. This includes any behavior, whether in-person, in groups, or through other mediums (e.g., hand written notes, phone calls, texting, social media platforms, etc.), intended to offend or intimidate another person, including participants, staff or faculty.

Participation in any form of harassment, hazing, bullying, or intimidation is grounds for immediate dismissal from the Program. Prohibited conduct includes sexual violence, sexual harassment, and/or sexual assault. Parents/guardians and participants may familiarize themselves with UConn’s Policy Against Discrimination, Harassment, and Related Interpersonal Violence (, by which Program participants and staff abide.

Participants must abide by all applicable Federal, State, local laws and UConn policies, codes and procedures ( as well as all Program rules and regulations. Any participant who endangers his or her own health or safety or the health or safety of another participant, staff member, or faculty member will be subject to disciplinary action.

Consumption, possession, or being in the presence of alcohol or illegal drugs is grounds for immediate dismissal from the Program, as is possession or use of drug paraphernalia, firearms, knives, other weapons, or fireworks.

Participants may not engage in any sexual activity.

Tobacco use is prohibited. Participants found in possession of tobacco will be subject to disciplinary action.

The parents/guardians of Program participants are financially responsible for any damage or loss suffered by UConn and/or any Program-affiliated locations/events caused by their child/ward.

UConn Health Urgent Care, other appropriately deemed medical services provide Program participants with appropriate medical and mental health services. These services may include providing medications for treatment of illnesses/injuries. Program staff will provide access to these services including arranging for emergency medical care, as needed.

In the case of a health or safety situation, UConn Health Urgent Care, and other medical services may disclose information about participant medical records (including treatment, payment, healthcare operations, etc.) to appropriate University personnel, parents/guardians, and/or listed emergency contacts. Parents/guardians will assume financial responsibility for all expenses of such care. This authorization is given in advance of any such medical treatment and is given to provide authority and power on the part of the University of Connecticut in the exercise of its best judgment upon the advice of any such medical or emergency personnel.

An onsite nurse will not be present to administer medication to participants. It is the participant’s responsibility to secure and self-administer any necessary prescribed medications. The Program will not provide any medication or over-the-counter drugs. Should medication require refrigeration, a mini-refrigerator equipped with a 3-prong plug and no more than 36’ in height may be brought to campus.

All participants should be enrolled in health care insurance while attending the Program in the event of receiving medical services. For this reason, participants are required to carry a photo ID and health insurance card.

Note: International participants should confirm with their health plan provider that they will be covered internationally during their stay in the United States. If international participants are not covered, they will need to purchase coverage for the dates they will be attending the Program.

The Program is committed to providing an environment that is conducive to learning. When participating in an organized Program event/activity, participants are to keep technology on silent/turned off, and be put away, unless otherwise noted.

Use of cell phones, cameras and other visual or audio devices is prohibited in restrooms, showers, lockers rooms or other changing areas. Participants should be respectful of all individuals and should ask permission of others prior to taking and/or sharing photos, videos, and other media.

The use of University-owned computer resources and technology for purposes other than academic research and instruction is prohibited.

Use of a motor vehicle during the Program is not allowed. Under no circumstance is a participant allowed to ride in any vehicle, for the duration of their stay in the Program, unless approved by Program staff for Program-related activities or emergencies.

Failure to abide by the Program and Residence Hall rules and regulations (below), laws, policies, codes, procedures or failure to respect the authority of Program staff members in their enforcement, may result in sanctions including, but not limited to:

  • Parental/Guardian Contact
  • Limitations on Program events/activities
  • Verbal and/or written warnings
  • Restitution for property damage
  • Dismissal from the Program
  • If dismissal is deemed necessary, the participant will be sent home at the expense of their parent(s) or legal guardian(s). No refunds will be issued.


Note: Program Rules and Regulations are subject to change. A complete list of Program rules and regulations is included in the required Program Rules, Regulations, and Liability Form. This is a required form collected upon course enrollment. Any question of interpretation regarding policies included in this document shall be referred to the Director of Pre-College Summer for final determination. For additional information about University policies and codes, please visit and visit to review The Student Code.