Rules and Regulations Form

Pre-College Summer at UConn 2017 Violation of Program Rules and Regulations Matrix

This document details consequences for ignoring or violating program rules and regulations which may include parent notification, public safety notification, and/or dismissal from the program.
  • Rules and Policy Violations resulting in Automatic Dismissal from the Program

    • Use of/or possession of weapons and dangerous devices including knives, BB guns, etc. • Use of/or possession or consumption of illegal drugs or substances (including cigarettes and alcohol) • Violent and/or dangerous actions that pose a threat to oneself or others will require immediate police intervention • Having a student or unauthorized visitor of the opposite sex in his/her room • Visiting students of the opposite sex above first floor of the single sex dormitories • Being in another University residence hall • Any sexual activity during your stay with UConn's Pre-College Summer Program • Sexual harassment and/or assault • Texting or e-mailing sexually explicit images • Pulling a fire alarm, theft (shoplifting) and destruction of University property • Prank phone calls to UConn staff and/or students and disturbing the peace in any form in hallways, buildings, and general University property • Hazing, harassment or intimidation of others (see bullying as well) • Disorderly conduct • Fighting and/or physical aggression against students, staff, or University personnel
  • Rules and Policy Violations resulting in Potential Dismissal from the Program

    • The use of computer resources and technology for purposes other than academic research and instruction • Computer/laptop theft or destruction • Found outside the dorm without permission from a staff member during the curfew hours of 10PM-7AM • Verbal aggression and/or threats towards another student or any staff member or University staff
  • Rules and Policy Violations resulting in Other Consequences

    • Bullying-including all forms of bullying: in-person, groups, cyber-bullying or using social media (Facebook, texting, etc.) for the purpose of being mean and engaging in behavior intended to offend or intimidate another person (student or staff). The consequence of bullying may be automatic dismissal from the program, probation, and/or written warning depending on the nature of the offense • Disrespectful conduct and unwillingness to follow directions in the residence halls, cafeteria, classrooms, buses, or any other premises where activities sponsored by the program are taking place. The consequence of disrespectful conduct and unwillingness to follow directions may result in a conference with all parties involved and possible dismissal from the program.