Explorations in Transparent and Opaque Watercolor

Learn basic and experimental techniques in transparent and opaque watercolor

Welcome to Watercolor! Students in this course will learn some gorgeous techniques to create realistic, abstract and experimental paintings in transparent watercolor. Adding to your new skills in transparent watercolor, you will learn how to use opaque watercolor (gouache) so that you can create complex layered effects. You will learn how to control the paint to create realistic effects as well as experimental techniques.

In addition to working on class projects to learn new painting skills, you will enjoy some open studio time to experiment and create self-expressive work. You will be inspired by seeing the work of historic and contemporary watercolor painters

Students taking this course will:

  • Learn three basic techniques in transparent watercolor which is considered to be one of the most beautiful but difficult painting mediums to master.
  • Become a versatile painter through projects that introduce a range of subject-matter including realistic painting, abstract and pattern based painting,
  • Learn about and become inspired by the work of historic and contemporary watercolor painters

Sessions Offered

Session 1: July 10 - July 16


On Campus, In Person

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This class is meant to be immersive and students will experience:

  • Transparent watercolor: Students will learn traditional and experimental techniques in transparent watercolor
  • The following techniques in transparent watercolor are: transparent layers, wet-in-wet, experimental effects with salt, spattering and dripping
  • Gouache: The saturated opacity of opaque watercolor (gouache) will compliment skills learned with transparent watercolor in individual and combined paintings.
  • Specific class projects to help learn new skills along with open studio time for experimentation and self-expression

Image of student painting

Image of student painting

Image of student painting

Meet the Professor


Kathryn Myers is a painter who has worked in transparent and opaque watercolor for over forty years. She has taught watercolor at The University of Connecticut since 1984.

Her own work focuses on architecture, particularly from India where she has spent a lot of time researching the art and culture of India. See her work at www.kathrynmyers.org

Professor Myers