Apply for UConn’s Pre-College Summer Program

Application Instructions

Applications and supporting materials must be completed online to be reviewed for admission. Applications are not considered complete until all of the requirements listed below have been met.

The online application will require the following:

Full Completion of the Online Application Form. This includes student’s biographical, demographic, and education information.

A $40 Non-Refundable Application Fee. Credit card information through the online application will be needed to make the payment.

Responses to Application Questions. Your answers are meant to help the admission committee better understand you as a student and person. Each answer should be between 150-300 words (minimum 1,000 characters). NOTE: The application system has a timeout of 40 minutes that will lead you to lose your data if you do not select “save”. For this reason, we recommend completing your application responses in a separate document to later copy and paste your responses into the corresponding application fields.

  • Why are you interested in attending UConn Pre-College Summer? How do you feel this experience will prepare you for college?
  • Why are you specifically interested in your preferred course(s)? (For students applying to attend multiple weeks, please address your interest for all courses)
  • UConn PCS is a serious academic experience committed to providing a safe and supportive living and learning environment for mature high-school students. Tell us about an experience in which you behaved in a socially mature way to help someone else or to help solve a problem. What personal skills helped you manage the situation?
  • Pre-Med Applicants: Students interested in enrolling in a Pre-Med course must be interested in pursuing a degree in the medical field. Please tell us why you would like to pursue a degree in the medical field and how you think the PCS Pre-Med course(s) will prepare you.

Unofficial Transcript & Attendance Records. Applicants are required to submit grades and attendance records for all secondary school work completed since ninth grade, including current coursework.

References. The contact information (name, position, phone number, and email address) of one reference we may contact in the case that more information is needed. Your reference may include a school counselor, teacher, supervisor, or coach.

  • Students looking to take a Pre-Med course can include an optional and additional reference of an individual that can testify to the student's maturity and ambitions related to the medical field.