Pre-Psych: Psychology and Neuroscience

Session Offered: Session 4

Seeing is believing – not! — Brain Behavior: Mind or Machine?

UConn Pre-college Summer - Psychology -Dr. Eton Markus at Fitz Roy

Ever get a feeling of Déjà vu? What happens when we confront something new? How do we tell if we’ve seen something before?  In this 1-week (17.5 hour) introduction to the field of Behavioral Neuroscience, you will learn that what we think, see, hear, and remember can have little to do with the physical reality. You will be guided through fascinating human and animal research including the responses of individual brain cells to changes in the world around us.

Students will be exposed to lively discussion, video clips, in-class activities, and visit a Brain Research laboratory in order to come away with a better understanding of how our brains process information about the world.

This program is excellent for students interested in Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, and Medicine (especially Neurology).  For more information from Professor Markus about this class, click here.

Faculty: Etan Markus, PhD,  Professor, University of Connecticut Department of Psychological Sciences.

Recipient of the 2016 AAUP Teaching Excellence Career Award; 2016 CLAS Excellence in Teaching Award; 2016 UCONN Office of Undergraduate Research Faculty Mentorship Excellence Award

Lab Fee: $35.00