Pre-Med: Intro to Human Pathology

Session Offered: Session 4

Pre-Med: Intro to Human Pathology – Injury & Trauma trough Direct Examination, Simulation, and Dissection

UConn Pre-College Summer-Pathology

In this course, we’ll examine what kinds of anatomical changes take place when someone experiences common injuries, especially those that occur on the playing field or for those who lead active lifestyles.  You’ll learn about these injuries and what happens to your body when they occur through high level simulations that allow you to see the body in 3D.  You’ll also learn how to evaluate people for certain kinds of injuries like sprained ankles and torn ACLs through direct examination.  Lastly, we’ll use dissection of real human cadavers as a hands-on experience to look at the relationship between muscle, bone, ligament and tendon, and see what happens when these connections are severed to replicate real life injuries.


Lab Fee: $35.00