Neuroanatomy: The Anatomy of the Brain

The Structure of the Brain and its Connections - A Pre-Med Exploration

In this course students will learn about the structures inside of the brain and spine, and how they connect and send messages throughout the body. This course will provide you with hands-on opportunities to explore the fields of anatomy and neuroscience. In this one-week course we will dissect sheep brains, bovine spinal cords, and bovine eyes, and also use models and activities to understand how brain works at large.

Course Learning Outcomes:

  • Learn about cells in the nervous system-neurons and glia, using microscopes
  • Visualize parts of spinal cord and brain through dissection of sheep brains
  • Compare a human brain with a sheep brain
  • Learn how we control movement and how we feel sensation of pain and touch
  • Learn about visual system through cow eye dissection

If you are interested in joining the medical or biology field in the future, consider enrolling in this course. In just one week it will cover the foundations of college biology and neuroscience as well as provide you with insights into the basics of brain anatomy.

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At a Glance:

Sessions Offered:

  • Session 4: July 19th - July 25th

Location: UConn Storrs

Supplemental Course Fee: $75.00

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