Digital Media: Game Design

Sessions Offered

  • One Week Course: Session 2, Session 3
  • Two Week Course: Session 3 & 4*

*Students may not solely register for Session 4. Session 4 serves as a continuation of Session 3. 

Digital Game Design

Learn how to build video games in this course. Working with Ken Thompson, a game designer that has worked with Blockbuster franchises such as Iron Man, Spider-Man, Captain America, Madagascar, Shrek, and Nickelodeon, students engage in the intricate and fascinating realm of pairing imagination with interactivity. Students will build a game by the end of the week of their very own. This program features hands-on learning, as well as, off-the-shelf and open source software that engages students and enables them to make their own games so that upon program completion students can continue creating!

Students learn about playability, gameplay loops, mechanics, and most importantly they learn about fun by having fun.

In our two week long cohort students will be challenged with more theoretical collaborative game design challenges in addition to the hands on project. We will take the time not only to make a game, but to analyze “what makes a good game” and how to apply that critical thinking to a career in games, art, or really any field where you need to critique someone else’s work.

Faculty: Ken Thompson, MS, Assistant Professor, UConn Digital Media & Design

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