Languages: French

Session Offered: Session 4

Express yourself – Find Your Voice in French.

One-week immersion experience in French. Exprimez-vous!

Expressing ones’ opinion in a constructive manner, while listening to others’ and acknowledging their views, is a necessary and difficult skill; mastering this skill in a foreign language is a challenge, which will lead to more confidence and better communication in class, and in the world around us. During this week-long immersion program in French, students will practice interpreting facts, developing arguments to support their judgment, and exchanging ideas in a variety of authentic contexts, related to currents events and international relations. We will emphasize oral expression, and work on knowledge and skills required for presentations, dialogues, interviews, and opinion debates, with the help of charts, audio-visual materials and shorts texts. The week will end with a class debate, on a topic chosen by the class.

Course Requirement: This class will be conducted in French.  Students will need to be conversational and have at least 3 years of French to take this course.

Faculty: Florence Marsal, PhD, Assistant Professor In Residence, UConn College of Liberal Arts and Sciences: UConn Literatures, Cultures, and Languages