Digital Media – Humanities

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Let’s Make History: A Digital Humanities Workshop

In this hands-on seminar students will create a digital exhibit about the past that will be published online for family, friends, and the public to see. First, we’ll go behind the scenes in UConn’s Archives and Special Collections at the Thomas J. Dodd Research Center. There, we’ll research and investigate our topic and learn how turn historical evidence into a compelling story. The team will also go “behind the screens” in the Digital Media & Design Department’s computer labs. Here, we’ll explore how to use simple digital tools to make our story come to life online. Along the way, you’ll also learn about digital humanities: what it is and where it can take you. For college-bound teenagers, this seminar is a fun way to build your research, communications, and digital skills.

Faculty: Clarissa Ceglio, Research Assistant, Digital Media & Design