Art: Photography

Photography in the Dark(room)

Photography is offered in Session 1. A $35 studio fee will be added to your final balance.  Class will meet Monday – Friday from 9:00 am – 12:00 pm & 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm to allow enough time in the dark room.

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In the days of analog, or wet photography, photographers worked in the dark. Now that everyone is a cellphone photographer and pictures float largely unnoticed beyond the online echo chamber of our friends, the magic of the darkroom is more mysterious than ever. Are you curious? Would you like to make your own 8”x10” black and white prints? Then this course is for you.

Our course begins with photograms.  Placing objects directly onto the light-sensitive gelatin silver paper, we’ll make photographic images without using a camera.  Then we will make our own 4″x5″ pinhole cameras, expose film, process it, make prints, and exhibit them in a UConn gallery.

Join us to learn more about the magic that lies within the darkroom where images develop out under the red luminescence of the safelight.  All supplies will be included in the fee so bring your curiosity and willingness to try new things.

Faculty: Janet Pritchard, Associate Professor of Photography, University of Connecticut, School of Fine Arts

Selections from Janet Pritchard’s individual and collaborative photographic projects can be seen at the following websites:

Sample gelatin silver print:


Sample photograms:

Pritchard_PGrm01 Pritchard_PGrm02

Projects from Professor Prichard’s class this semester:

Pritchard,J_07 Pritchard,J_06 Pritchard,J_05 Pritchard,J_04 Pritchard,J_03 Pritchard,J_02 Pritchard,J_01

*The video below, which highlights a two week long class, will be updated soon to reflect our one week long class that is being offered during session 1.  Please see description below the video for a more accurate explanation of the one week long class.