Who Am I? The Philosophy of Personal Identity, Free Will and the Meaning of Life. 

Philosophy is offered session 1  This session has been closed. 

  1. Pre-Law
  2. Sociology: Human Behavior

Philosophy is one of the most widely applicable majors. While philosophy majors are accepted to law school and medical school in higher percentages than applicants with any other major, philosophy majors are also well-suited for careers in in ethics, public policy, education and technical writing (to name a few)! In our philosophy course this summer, we will delve into some of life’s biggest questions. Who am I? Do I have free will? What is my purpose in life?  

By using philosophical methodology students will analyze some of the existing answers to these questions. They will also develop their own responses backed by logical reasoning. This class will involve discussion and debate, and students will frequently be engaged in workshop-style activities. Students will also work through a philosophy journal containing short passages and quotations by relevant philosophers along with questions and thinking prompts on which they can write. Having developed these journals throughout the week, students will gain the opportunity to reflect on their work in the future and will be able to reexamine their beliefs and the reasons they have for holding them. Our class will be engaging, fun, challenging, and wonderfully mind-opening. Students will learn to think critically and will gain a better understanding of themselves and their place in the world.

Faculty: Jordan Ochs M.A.Self-Knowledge, Philosophy of Mind and Language, Philosophy Department