Art: Animation

Art: Animation 

Animation is offered in Session 3 &  4. A $35 studio fee will be added to your final balance.  

Session 3: Eight (8) seats left.

Session 4: This cohort is now full.

  1. Art: Photography
  2. Digital Media: Game Design


Learn how to make an animation based on a character you invent.  This course is an exploration of stop-motion animation using traditional and experimental methods.  In addition to creating characters and objects that move, participants will learn about character development and visual story telling devices.  This course emphasizes creative resolution and experimentation within the realm of animation. 

Working with new media artist, John O’Donnell, students will  be challenged to imagination to develop a unique character,  the character’s backstory and environment.  Participants will generate their own story line and the final project will be a collaborative exercise in creative story telling. Participants will be engaged to find ways to weave their animations together into a surreal narrative. No prior animation experience is required.

Faculty: John O’Donnell, Assistant Professor of Printmaking, University of Connecticut, School of Fine Arts

John O’Donnell’s work can be seen at the following website:

Click here to read a recent NYTimes article about his work.