Medical Anthropology

Medical Anthropology is offered sessions 1 & 4 

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Pre-College Summer Medical Anthropology VideoHow does inequality affect the lives and health status of people around the world? On one level, disease is caused by pathogens that invade our bodies. But why are some people more likely to encounter those pathogens than others or, if they do cross paths with a pathogen, to get sick or die? In this 1-week introduction to the field of medical anthropology, we will explore how doctors, public health experts, medical researchers, and social scientists can and should work together to better address the social causes of HIV/AIDS, Ebola, malnutrition, tuberculosis, and other health conditions that have a grave impact on human individuals and human communities. Students will be exposed to short readings, lively discussion, relevant video clips, in-class activities, and short group assignments in order to come away with a better understanding of what makes people sick and how to help.

Academic Leaders: Anne Kohler, Published Researcher & Doctoral Student, Anthropology Department, University of Connecticut