Genomics is offered sessions 1

Pre-College Summer Genomics Image

Pre-College Summer’s genomics program will build on the following question, what is a genome? It’s more than just the collection of all our genes. Only about 10% of the DNA in our cells constitutes what we define as “genes”. What, if anything, does all the rest of that DNA do? What can studying DNA sequences tell us about ourselves, the diseases that affect us and the evolution of life. In this 1-week course we will explore these questions and many more with short readings, in-class discussions and videos. We’ll also go to the bench and to computer workstations to learn some of the cutting edge molecular genetic and bioinformatics approaches used in research labs to explore and understand genome space. We will:

  • Purify DNA and RNA from cells.
  • Use enzymes to manipulate the DNA and RNA.
  • Study how certain things, like nutrition, can affect the functioning of genes across generations.
  • Look at changes to the DNA and chromatin that cause disease, and distinguish one species from another.

Faculty: Glen Milton, IBaCS Graduate Fellow ’16, University of Connecticut, Department of Molecular & Cell Biology