Forensic Science: Anatomy & Physiology

A lab fee will be added to your final balance.

Forensic science merges the study of biology and chemistry with law enforcement. Forensic laboratories across the country analyze evidence collected at crime scenes to identify victims, and to convict or exonerate suspected criminals. In this program, participants will learn about various anatomical “fingerprints” commonly collected at crime scenes, and develop laboratory skills to analyze them. Students apply findings and determine the identity of hypothetical ‘victims’ from listings of missing persons. This 1-week course is an experimentally intensive short course, well suited for any student interested in Forensics, Biology, or Medicine.

Note: Students choosing this cohort are asked to bring a laptop.  If you do not have a laptop, one can be provided. 

Faculty: John Redden, Assistant Professor in Residence, University of Connecticut Department of Physiology and Neurobiology