Statistics – Big Data

Statistics is offered sessions 1 & 3.


Pre-College Summer Statistics Big Data VideoData and data analysis are very important parts of our lives. Data from business, industry, social media, sports, transportation safety, text documents, healthcare and much more provide insight into many different realities. We turn to statistical methods and research to help us represent and interpret data which are often large and have complex patterns. This 1-week program is designed to introduce motivated and mathematically inclined high school students to data science – the pivotal methodology and analytics that are part of modern statistical practice.

Participating students will have the educational experience of interactive learning with a faculty member from the Statistics Department at UConn. Together, we will explore how we can:

  • Visualize different data.
  • Match the goals of a scientist/data collector to suitable statistical models/methods.
  • And how we can use open source software to explore connections between data and models.

Students learn how to work individually and in small teams to run small projects, and also explore how to prepare for a major in Statistics.

Note: To be eligible to enroll in the Pre-College Statistics cohorts, students need to have completed Algebra II or higher. Further, students choosing this cohort are required to bring their own 8GB flash drive to store data. 

Faculty: Nalini Ravishanker, Professor, Department of Statistics